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In order to give full play to students' individual specialty and cultivate students' good organization ability and team spirit, the college guides and organizes students to form all kinds of societies. Students join a club according to their interests, or create new clubs directly with like-minded friends. At present, community list: Dance agency, football club, ART, hotel, club, Longyou Association of foreign flight club, club, basketball club, Chihiro Media Club, tennis club, stone gate agency, Consumer Association, music club, Psychology Club, dream SCDA (occupation development alliance), billiards club, table tennis club the student news agency, etc..

dance agency

In order to enrich the students' after school life, the school has carried out various kinds of club activities. Dance Association is a very popular student associations, dance organizations can enrich the students' extracurricular cultural life, ease the tense atmosphere of learning, and cultivate some literary lovers. Its establishment provides a good platform for students to develop in an all-round way and to show their talents. With the improvement of living standards, in the daily life of modern people, the dance can cultivate the spirit of self-cultivation. Carry out the dance club on campus can cultivate the students' physical strength, coordination, music; students can draw inspiration from the dance, the dance thinking, penetrate into their life and learning.

Dance Club focused on the hope that through the study of dance, training students to focus on strengthening the development of physical beauty